How HR managers should contact recruiters in Dubai

When Dubai started it’s meteoritic, rise there were many people who that it will not last, but they have been proven wrong many times over. Dubai is now one of the biggest economic zones in the world. As more and more people travel to the city in order to open offices for their companies, we have seen a steady influx of new talent as well. It is usually up to the HR department of the company to make sure that the new talent is found and utilized. However, the type of contact that the HR manager has with the recruitment agency will be crucial in this regard. So here are some pro tips on how an HR manager should go about contacting the Dubai recruitment agency which they have selected for their services.

Be clear in your demand

The first thing to keep in mind is that the agency is also looking for clients, so they will not be at your beck and call all year long. So you should make sure that you are clear and succinct in your demands. If you are nebulous in asking for what you want, you will be a hassle for the agency and they may not give you the best talent that comes their way. So always make sure that you have consulted the appropriate departments in your company and office before forwarding a well written and clear request to the recruiting company.

Establish a direct line of communication

The second thing is to make sure that you have a direct contact with the company. In order to visit the website of the recruiters, you only have to type in the address and you are there, but an online does not equate to a connection in the real world. So make sure that you call them, talk to them, and perhaps invite them one of your company gatherings so that they are able to create a connection with your company. This will not only allow you to get the best talent that comes their way, but you will also be able to call in certain favours from time to time, for example, if you require an office worker on urgent basis, a recruitment agency that is on good terms with you may send you the worker even though they had decided to send them elsewhere. So this is one of the trump cards that you can sue from time to time. Visit website for further information.