Are you an Architect or Architectural Engineer?

Architecture of a building describes the requirements of its builder to make it an ultra-modern and minimalist, or a bit classic. But one thing is for sure that visiting Dubai for the first time impresses you with its amazing skyline buildings and their stunning architecture. Any building like Burj Khalifa, Burj ul Arab, Raffles Hotel Dubai, Cayan Tower or JW Marriot Marquis can mesmerize you with the beauty of the design and the idea of construction with its full glory.


Architects in Dubai are nothing but the world’s top artists, I must say. In a layman’s view, both architects and architectural engineers are considered the same thing. They fundamentally perform the same job to design and build buildings, but over time expectations of what they are building would increase their importance and role.


Professional Architect

Designing buildings and frequently administering highly-detailed construction projects are two crucial responsibilities of an architect. Bachelor of Science in Architecture is the least requirement but greater qualification like post-graduation is the preferable for most employers. Five-year Bachelor of Architecture with a strong focus on design, technology and architecture history are basic criteria of studies. After passing Architect Registration Examination, the institute of architecture gives license as a professional architect to the passed out students.


Architecture students should be expert in the following courses:


  • Computer aided design (CAD) for architecture
  • Construction methods
  • Green building design
  • History of architecture
  • Project management
  • Architectural criticism
  • Architectural design theories
  • Building science
  • Digital design techniques
  • Environmental effect of architectural projects


Architectural engineering

An architectural engineer has the first and the foremost responsibility to focus on a building’s engineering features. Mechanical and structural systems, and electrical and lighting systems, of a building are core responsibility of an architectural engineer to design. Both architectural engineers and architects work together but both have different dimensions to deal with the project’s details. People with strong science and math skills are encouraged to take this field.


Minimum requirement to enter into this field is Bachelor in Science (BSc) degree. Courses in this degree may include:


  • Calculus
  • Engineering drawing
  • Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Analytical mechanics
  • Introduction to construction
  • Mechanical systems for buildings
  • Structural analysis
  • Electrical circuits
  • Architectural engineering design


Your experience and expertise in this field make you more eligible to work for any architectural engineering company. Looking for a remarkable career in the field of architect or architectural engineering in Dubai only needs the best technical and professional expertise because Dubai never compromises on its high standards. Engineering has many other branches like electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering in Dubai, all have great importance because of growing competition in the world.