Dubai Mainland License Cost: What To Expect

Dubai Mainland License Cost: What To Expect

Dubai is a thriving business hub that attracts entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. When considering setting up a business in Dubai, one key factor is the cost of obtaining a mainland license. Dubai mainland licenses offer businesses the advantage of operating anywhere within the city and tapping into the local market. In this article, we will discuss the various factors contributing to the Dubai mainland license cost, helping you understand what to expect.

Trade name reservation:

Businesses must reserve a trading name before applying for a mainland license in Dubai. The cost of a trade name reservation varies depending on the reservation duration and whether it is a new or existing trade name. Typically, the reservation fee ranges from AED 500 to AED 2,000.

Commercial space rent:

One of the significant cost factors when obtaining a Dubai mainland license is the commercial space rent. Businesses are required to have a physical office or retail space in Dubai to operate. The rent cost depends on factors such as location, size, facilities, and demand. It is advisable to budget for commercial space rent, which can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dirhams per year, depending on the location and size of the premises.

License application and registration fees:

Dubai mainland license application and registration fees are essential components of the overall cost. These fees cover the administrative processing of the license application and the issuance of the license. The costs vary depending on the type of business activity and the company’s legal structure.

Employee visa costs:

Once the Dubai mainland license is obtained, businesses must process employee visas. The visa costs include application fees, medical tests, Emirates ID card fees, visa stamping fees, and other associated expenses. The cost varies depending on the number of employees and the visa type required.

Local sponsorship or service agent fees:

In Dubai mainland, businesses typically require the sponsorship of a UAE national or a local service agent, depending on the type of business activity. The local sponsor or agent pays the sponsorship or service agent fees as per the agreed terms. These fees contribute to the local sponsor’s involvement in the business and the company’s regulatory compliance.

PRO and government liaison costs:

Dubai mainland businesses often engage Public Relations Officers (PROs) or service providers to handle government liaison and documentation tasks. These costs may include document processing fees, translation services, notarization fees, and other government-related expenses.