Things you need to consider while buying solar panels

Do you wish to utilize solar energy just so you can lighten up your place and help save the environment also? However, you need to consider certain factors before purchasing solar panels. A few of these factors are:

Cost of the system

The price of these solar panels in Dubai varies on the basis of their size in Watts, physical size as well as any certifications that came along with it and its warranty or longevity. The selection of these panels purely on the basis of price would not be wise at all considering that all of the abovementioned specifications need to be thought of.

Physical and Wattage Size

The size of these panels in Watts greatly affects their price. You need to bear in mind that these tend to be priced in dollars per Watt. Moreover, their outcome is also linked with their Watts size, meaning that 100 Watt panels would produce 100 Watts of energy per hour. Obviously, you would have to pay up according to the size of Watts.

You also need to remember that the size of Watts affects the physical size of these panels also. This means that a 200 watt panel would be far bigger than a 100 watt one.

However, your basic concern should be to acquire a system that has enough Watts to fulfill all your power related necessities and is not really hard to fit in the area you wish to place it in.


An issue that has commonly been debated in recent times is that of the efficiency of these systems. It is not uncommon for people to wonder how efficiently their panels can convert sunlight into electricity. But, the truth is that a solar power system of 100 watts would produce 100 watts of energy only, irrespective of the efficiency ratings that it has received.

Suitability according to installation conditions

If temperatures tend to remain a bit high, than it is advisable for you to purchase an amorphous silicon based system. On the other hand, if the conditions tend to be bright and cool, you should opt for mono or multi-crystalline ones. Just in case the roof is unshaded, than you ought to use crystalline systems as amorphous ones are best for roof that are partially shaded.

Type of Solar Cell

The type of solar cells that is being used to produce these systems greatly determines its overall size. The 3 types of cells are mono-crystalline silicon, poly or multi-crystalline silicon and amorphous or thin-film silicon.  Mono-crystalline systems are very small and poly-crystalline systems tend to be somewhat large. But, amorphous systems are very big as compared to the other two. Click here for more information in this regard.