Safety Pointers You Need To Remember When Riding A Desert Buggy

The desert buggy in Dubai is an of the fast-rising adventure package being offered by tour operators today. Aside from dune bashing, tourists and travelers can explore the desert sands and dunes by themselves and experience the fun of riding awesome ATVs and dirt bikes.

But before experiencing the fun, you need to ensure the ride is secure. If you are booked a dirt bike rental in Dubai, you need to bear in mind these safety pointers:

  • Wear a loose-fitting apparel

Driving and maneuvering an ATV or dirt would require lots of free movement from the driver. So before you go to your scheduled dirt bike adventure, check your clothing. Tour operators strongly advise their clients to wear clothes that will allow lots of movement and also cool to the skin. The temperature in the desert can be unforgiving. A loose-fitting but appropriately-looking attire would be the best choice for this occasion.

  • Wear all the safety gears

Once you arrive at the driving range, your guides and tour operators will provide a set of safety gear and clothing that you need to wear. This would include the helmet for head protection, long sleeved shirt and pants, racing goggles and gloves body pads, and ankle boots. Be sure to wear all the prescribed safety gear properly. Wearing these safety gears can protect your body from accidents that may happen during the ride. It might be a little heavy and uncomfortable at first, but you will get the hang of it once you start with your adventure.

  • Listen carefully to the guides and instructors

Before you are given permission to drive the equipment, the designated tour guide or instructor will be giving you some driving and safety pointers. Take a mental note of these tips and instructions. Their instructions will teach you the right ways of handling the equipment and maneuvering it through the soft sand.

  • Take it easy

If this is the first time you will be riding a bike on a sandy surface, you better take it easy. You need to remember that you are not driving on a hard road, so the traction is very different from what you are used it. Start slowly and get the hang of it. If you a beginner, it would be best to choose a beginner’s track, so you can be on the safe side. The instructors will guide you in proper handling so you can enjoy the obstacles even if you don’t have prior experience on such rides.