What To Expect In Dubai During The Holidays Season

The Holidays is just around the corner, and every part of the globe is preparing for this special season, including Dubai. Yes, you read it right. The city of splendor and gold is also onboard with the Holidays.

If you are tourist going to this wonderful city this season, here are some things that you can expect to see and experience:

  • The Christmas ambiance is all over the place

Dubai is definitely feeling the Christmas vibe. If you booked a Dubai city tour package and visit the malls, you can definitely see the tall Christmas trees installed in every corner of the establishment and the radios are blasting Holiday tunes. It is not surprising though. Although Dubai is strictly following its Arabic culture and heritage, it is still very open to other traditions and culture, which makes it a very suitable place to visit anytime of the year. And that includes the Holidays. So if you are worried that you will be spending a Christmas-less holiday, then throw all those worries in the window and get ready to experience a different kind of holiday.


  • It is still hot, so expect a tropical Christmas

The climate in Dubai is hot and humid all year round. Although around this time, it is a bit cooler than the usual. So if you are touring Dubai around this season, be sure to bring the right type of clothes to wear. If you are coming from a region or continent where Christmas is a freezing season, you might be surprised with the Dubai temperature. So acquaint yourself with this place’s weather so you can adjust accordingly.


  • The malls are going to be busy

Dubai is known to be one of the shopping havens in the Middle East. A lot of top brands already opened their branch on this city to take advantage of the city’s purchasing power. The small businesses are also getting their game on during this season. With a lot of tourists visiting the city this Holidays season, expect that the malls will be flocked by people. Shopping might be a little difficult, but it can still be fun.


  • Tour operators will be fully-booked

With tourists continuously coming in the city of experience a different kind of Christmas, you can expect that tour packages will be swiped and tour operators will be fully booked. So be sure to book the best desert safari in Dubai in advance so you can reserve your slot.