Got a PDF page? Make it SEO friendly!

People generally tend to wonder about the ways in which PDF pages over a site are treated by search engines. There are those that believe that PDF pages do not play any role whatsoever in getting a website ranked high, or that PDF and SEO are completely incompatible elements. However, one simple fact that you must acknowledge is that Adobe PDFs can definitely be indexed by Google, even if it doesn’t like doing so. The basic reason for this ‘unliking’ is that these documents do not consist the HTML tag structure that Google uses to figure out what a website is all about and rank content for target keywords accordingly.

On the whole, PDF format is not the best choice that you have in terms of SEO. But the thing is that these are still scanned by search engines when optimized by digital marketing agencies in Dubai and can actually deliver information. The best part is that this particular format is easily openable on a majority of devices, that too in a responsive manner. So, why is it that they get ranked so poorly? Well, for the simple reason that nobody optimizes them! So, if you wish to use PDF-format over your web pages, make sure that you follow these tips:

Title tag
The fact of the matter is that the title tag is extremely important for search engines. For this purpose, it is necessary for you to prescribe it within the document properties, where you can also place keywords. Although there is no general consent about the keywords placed in these properties having an impact over rankings, but you can rest assured that it wouldn’t cause a negative effect as well.

The file name/URL needs to be SEO-friendly
As you might already have noticed, the name that you give to your PDF file is going to form a major part of your URL, which signifies that your document name should not just be simple, but should also contain your target keywords.

Reduce file size
Larger files generally tend to load in a slower manner, which is going to negatively affect the behavior of your visitors, and your rankings in the long run. For this reason, it is best for you to cut down on your file size. Speak with a web designer in UAE in this regard.

The utilization of standard SEO tactics
Standard SEO techniques must never be forgotten. You must definitely give credibility to your PDF pages by placing internal links over them. You must also link other important pages with your PDF ones. Your content should be of highest possible quality, with image optimization and keywords.

Save files in older versions of Acrobat
You must refrain from saving your files in the most up to date version of Acrobat. Instead, you should be saving them in the oldest possible. Why so? Well, for the simple fact that there are a plethora of people out there who have not upgraded to the latest version and would find it hard to view your website.