Law Services for Tourists in Dubai

When you first hear the mention of Dubai your first associations are most likely business, money and rich people but you probably don’t realize that Dubai is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the entire world. The 4th most visited in fact, just after London, Paris and Bangkok with an estimated 14,2 million tourists annually, a number that rises steadily each year. With such an influx of tourists it is good to know that Dubai has a number of law services for tourists that help them feel safe and cared after while visiting Dubai and its many attractions and historical sites.

It is wise that before traveling to Dubai you familiarize yourself with local laws and customs as they might prove to be somewhat different than those in other parts of the world. For instance it is illegal to import any pork products whatsoever. There is also zero tolerance to any sort of drug-related offence. Authorities count having any sort of drug even in your blood stream as possession while drug-trafficking is often a offence worthy of a death penalty. This also goes for passengers stopping off at an airport for transfer to a further destination. Sex outside the marriage is also illegal, there is a dress code for women in public places and being intoxicated or drinking alcohol on the streets is sure to get you arrested.

Knowing most of these rules is essential but there are other laws and customs to be observed that are not always clear to foreigners and that is where law services for tourists come in to play. There is a number of online law services that you can use even before traveling to Dubai that will give you the right information about any legal issue you may have. If you are in need of legal service within Dubai there is a number of reputable long standing law firms well-staffed with forward thinking experienced lawyers available to handle your needs with utmost care and professionalism. This includes a wide variety of legal matters from criminal law to labor law and everything in between.

If you are unable to afford a lawyer one will be provided for you by the authorities. In cases where there is a possibility of a death sentence you will get a lawyer immediately while in some other cases you can ask for one to be appointed to your case.  It was reported in 2015 that Dubai will open a special court for tourists who would handle all the minor offenses committed by visitors as an effort to expedite minor case with more efficiency and further help tourists with their legal matters.

The laws of UAE are very strict and can be a little bit confusing to those who come from abroad and are accustomed to a more lenient legal system. Make sure that you educate yourself about the particularities of these laws and customs and try to be on your best behavior and you will have a very enjoyable time visiting this great city.